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    Question passing local variables to next function

    I thought I posted this but apparently didn't take I have a win form app I am building. Initially I build a variable string from following code and need to pass it to next function which sends to dll and on to server. My problem is I create the string its there but I lose it before I can pass...
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    Question Listbox, Objects, Inheritance and Polymorphism

    I wasn't quite sure how to label this but that should cover it all. I am using Linq to Sql classes to query a SQL Server table. That part is working fine. I'd like to add the records to a listbox and not just text. I can do this and it works. To get it to display something meaningful in the...
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    Question LINQ on array of objects

    Let´s say I have an array (I named it "Points") of objects. Each object has a custom property called for example "Selected". The property type is Boolean. Can I use LINQ to determine the INDEX of the element in the "Points" array where "Selected=True"? (I´ve ensured that only one element can...
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    Retrieve values from objects between forms

    Hi, In VB.net how do you retrieve an value from a object in a different form. (please correct me if i'm using wrong / bad terms) eg: ' on frmMain MsgBox ("Say ""Hello World"" Mr. " & frmOther.txtName.text)
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    Populate an array using LINQ

    I have an array wherein i have to populate some objects that are not part of another object. For e.g there are objects called viewgroup and membershipgroup.i have to populate the array with viewgroup obj that are not part of the membershipgroup. i need to do this using LINQ in VB.Net. can anyone...