1. S

    Lost by object and event listboxes in Code Editor!

    Hi All, Please can someone help... At the top of the vb.net code editor window, there is usually the object listbox on the left, and the events listbox on the right... Both of mine have disappeared! Does anyone know how to get these back? There must be a setting somewhere to make them visible...
  2. richard.cassell

    Creating an object using a literal string which contains the required type.

    Hi all, I'm writing some software which allows the user to draw diagrams containing nodes and controls, each representing an Object of a Class. As part of this, i'm coding save/load functionality using XML documents. My problem is that i have a tag in the XML which holds the Type of the object...
  3. N

    Question Object Equality

    This is probably going to sound like a question from somebody who just started programming last week, but since I have never really needed the answer before, I never bothered to figure it out. I have a Do loop that I want to exit once it goes through without making any changes to an object I...
  4. B

    Question Bind DataGridView to custom collection of classes that contain complex properties

    Hi, I have a dictionary (created using DictionaryBase) where the values are 'PostItems'. I want to display the 'PostItems' stored in the dictionary to a datagridview. Each 'PostItem' object contains various simple properties (strings, integers and dates), a 'Contact' object and a dictionary...
  5. B

    Question Property as input parameter like LINQ

    Can someone help me please, i`m looking for a way to build a filter like LINQ but i want to use it before selecting data out of the database. For building a ORM witch can be used for our business. I`m looking for a way to execute a where function for example with ObjectA.PropertyB as argument...
  6. Satal Keto

    [OOD] Class design for with Database back end

    Hi, I was hoping that I could get some guidance from some of you guys on Object Design with Database back ends. I am trying to build what could be considered to be my first full scale application, which is a student tracker (simplification). While I have a reasonable idea of how I would go about...
  7. M

    Copying an Object

    Sorry, still pretty new bear with me... I have a Class called People. I have an object called Roger, another called Sally. How can I copy my 'Roger' object over top of 'Sally' so they are identical?
  8. P

    Datagrid bind using objects

    hi! i created a class i invoke the class as object in vb.forms i want bind object(parameters) to datagrid when return as arraylist from methods in form_load. i want to bind arraylist to datagird in form_load. it will bind, the grid show all the parameter from arraylist. but i want few columns...
  9. S

    please help with login error

    Hello Im trying to create a login page which accesses a mysql database I keep getting this error: reference to a non shared member requires an object reference heres the line of code : Dim reader As System.Data.SqlClient.SqlDataReader = New...
  10. Xster

    How to modify dragged data during drag?

    Hi, I'm currently having the problem that dropping an image file into an AxWebBrowser causes it to navigate to the file location instead of pasting the image in the document while in EditMode. So my thoughts are to swap the dragged data object when it DragEnters the form, before reaching the...
  11. M

    Question Error message when adding Shockwave flash object

    Hi, Im making a trainer for flash, but when I add Flash Object with movie url I get this msg Translated means, I havent used any codes, all I have done is add shockwave object (COM) and found my movie url I wanted to use and put it in "Movie" in properties in the shockwave object. The form...
  12. M

    Help with Classes and Objects

    I think I'm still a little confused about Classes and Objects. I am creating a small game, to teach myself programming. It's kind of like a Pokemon card game, with different characters, monsters etc. I want to use a HERO Class to store all the info on the players and a MONSTER class to store...
  13. A

    Problem with modifying a DataSource

    I am using a DataSource based on an programm object (one of my classes). When changing the class definition (deleting or adding a field/property definition) I have problems to get the new/modified class/datasource to replace the old one. Meaning: the new class field declarations do not show up...
  14. B

    Single event handler for multiple instances of one object

    Hello, is there a way to create a single event handler for multiple instances of one object? For example, I have a custom class "myObject" that contains one event that is fired through some user input. Then I create an array of objects: class myObject public event someEvent end class...
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