1. L

    Question How do I add commas in numbers automatically?

    Hi! I am creating a system where when i type a number in textbox1, it automatically add commas. ive searched in the internet and found almost similar functions on what i am looking for. but i have a problem, i dont want the < .00 > decimal to show during i enter the numbers and i will only add...
  2. newbiecoder2012

    Question how to do increments in numbers

    im pretty much new to programing but i have made this program to output answers and i have that all sorted now i want it so that the answers are displayed in a table format in increments i have looked online an i havnt been able to find exactly what i want :uncomfortableness: for example: the...
  3. X

    Question Formatting numbers for DataGridView

    I am trying to format a DataGridView column to show values formatted as follows: 100.222 => 100.22 0 => 22 => 22.00 3123 => 3,123.00 I can't seem to achieve this with any formatting string. The (#) is great because if the number is 0, it doesn't show...
  4. W

    Question Random Numbers for Bingo Card

    please, I need a help here... ;):D;)
  5. L

    Digital Number Display

    Hi Friends! Am working on a project like a office automation. The problem am displaying the balance amount using lables.But i want to display the numbers like we see in calculators... One way to do that creating usercontrol which gets input and display the numbers. any...