1. VBobCat

    Question Testing number of digits with Regular Expressions

    I have to test a string that must match this pattern: any number of digits, a slash, and two or four digits, but not three (it is a year). So I'm using this boolean expression: System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.IsMatch(texto, "^\d+/\d{2,4}$") And Not...
  2. S

    Question Need help to validate Currency and Numeric using KeyPress

    this is my code in VB.NET 2008 and it works :D as the result, i can input starts from 1.00 until 99.99 :o but i need more than this ;);) i want the textbox automatic validate the input as i typed in the textbox :confused::confused: example: i typed "1000" then the textbox will write "1,000"...
  3. A

    Maximum Row number in multiline textbox

    Hello all, i am trying to put a maximum row number of lines in a multiline textbox. What i want is to achieve something like a console, with a maximum number of rows, with the top rows to dissappear and to keep always the last i.e. 500 rows. Thank you in advance! a note: for the textbox...
  4. J. Scott Elblein

    Question Having some random number problems

    I'm working on a random email generator for a client, and for some unknown reason, it's not very random at all. It very very frequently returns the same item. Can anyone point out the issue? I'll paste the entire module. All that is needed once the module is created is to call the...
  5. S

    Retrieve number of records in access database

    Hi Could someone please offer some advice on how to retrieve the number of records (rows) in an access database and display on a form please ( Also, is it possible to display (in a label) the last record in the database, which will then update when another record is added? Thank you.
  6. bakesomecakes

    Question Problem Importing data Excel (6.05708e+008)

    I am trying to import some data from excel. i am using visual studio 2008 .net 3.5, on win xp sp3 the data that is being imported form excel is being edited somewhere in the import. i am sure it is somthing todo with the olddb connection. the data is coming out like this 6.05708e+008 the...