1. R

    Question How to set DataSet Primary Key programmatically

    I need some help here. I have a form that populates two tables (countries and states). Country Primary key is Identity. State PK is Country PK + state PK (not identity and entered by the user) I want one form to allow the user to add or modify countries and states. My form has a textbox, a...
  2. M

    Database Null Errors

    I'm about ready to drop VS and go back to VBA I'm so frustrated! Is there a way to get Visual Studio to return Null values from database tables?? 99.999% of the time I have a table of user data, there's always fields that have the option of leaving them blank. But, in VS, it always throws an...
  3. S

    Question Count(*) does not work for null values

    hi, i m trying to run a query on an MSAccess table, but it does not give me any count but only 0. There are 3 null values which i should be getting but it does not give me the result. This query works perfectly in MSSql Server 2008. the query is : SELECT COUNT(*) AS Cntr FROM...
  4. B

    Question Null reference exception??

    I have written a CLR stored procedure which I call through code in MS Access. It throws a Null Reference Exception. I guess it must be due to one of two variables I use inside the CLR procedure, for both of which the Refactor gives me a message 'Variable is used before it has been assigned a...
  5. C

    Question Null Reference Exception

    This is my first project in 2 years and coming from the java and c++ world it is so much easier but some things just don't work the some as you already know. My problem is I have a class called Hteam and i have an array of Hteam as public so I can use them throughout my program but the...