1. D

    Question open text files with my notepad...

    hi everybody, i created my own notepad and it can open files with openFileDialog. but i also want that if i select a text file, and i say "open with" my notepad... that my notepad will show that text file... so not with openFileDialog or someting like that... Thanks!
  2. Poornimapriya

    Question How to store the contents of the controls in the notepad on runtime?

    Hi this is Poornima. I am working on my real time project where the configuration details will be given on runtime. Based on the configuration details, the next form will be loaded and the data will be exported to the database and spreadsheets from the pop3 server. I have done the extraction...
  3. C

    Question linking a note pad , web browser with vb2008

    hi!! i m developing and on screen keyboard as a part of my school project in vb2008 now, i have a notepad opened up or a firefox browser... now i click in the note pad or in address bar of firefox, so that when i press any button, the letter gets typed there... just like the windows on screen...
  4. W

    Question How to Connect Notepad as a Database

    I am making a bookworm game as my project in school and I wanted my words database to be in notepad, but how can I connect and query using vb.net2008?:confused: I got this idea from an online game that the game database for restricted words are in notepad, I also wanted to do that....:cool...
  5. P

    Save textbox to textfile with proper vbNewLine

    I noticed a lot of queries / searches regarding saving text to a file and about formatting, but not the proper answer... when you have a textbox and you save the contents to a file : My.Computer.FileSystem.WriteAllText(SaveFileDialog1.FileName, TextBox1.Text, False, System.Text.Encoding.ASCII)...