1. E

    Question Inserting data into xml node

    Im just recently getting back into programming vb after being away for many years. Im currently working on a project that requires i insert or append data to a specific node in an xml file. When i run this bit of code. Dim XMLDom As New XmlDocument()...
  2. HichamDotNet

    Expand a TreeView at a specific child node

    Hi, I have a TreeView with [C:] drive folders hierarchy How can I make the TreeView expand to DESKTOP folder by code at Form Load Thank you for your help
  3. H

    Question TreeView not scrolling when node is expanded

    Hello, I have wrote simple TreeView control that basically gets data for display as control items in tree as data table from documentum. Everything is working good but the problem happens when tree node expansion is not containable in pane. When node is expanded, it instead of showing scrollbar...
  4. L

    Question Add tree nodes

    hi! i want to create an treeview control which has these features. user have to enter how many nodes he wants. after he entered the code should generate nodes in the treeview as per the text box. can any one help to get out this problem? OR can any one tell me how to create treeview and...