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    Question NetworkStream Unexpected results.

    Im having some unexpected results reading tcp data in an application. Can someone explain why I am experiencing the following. The following netstream code is reading a string of comma separated values from a device and is then looped Example string "Value1 , Value2 , Value3 , Value4 ...
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    unable to get large mails from mail server (POP or IMAP)

    hi, I am new to this forum. Hi all, I am developing a desktop application that reads mails from the mailserver using pop and imap . The application is almost fnished .The problem is the some time when a command is send to retrieve a mail using GetMessage() functions the applications...
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    Resolved Receiving Data from NetworkStream

    Hello, I am curious if there is a way to receive data from a socket in the chunks as it was sent. For instance, in my client program if I send something like: "VERSION=1.0" then I send: "NAME=MyName" When I receive it from the server I get: "VERSION=1.0NAME=MyName". Instead of receiveing it...
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    NetworkStream BeginRead and EndRead Confusion

    hi, I am confused about the operation of the BeginRead and EndRead methods with respect to the way the buffer parameters in the BeginRead method are used. Firstly, there appears to be a serious problem in the code sample for the EndRead method (appears in version 2 and in 3.5 possible all...
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