1. M

    IP Address Changer with error

    Hey guys, new to vb and hoping I could get some help. This code does not cause any problems in my program in windows xp and windows 7 but will not work on windows 8. Every time I try to change the adapter in Windows 8 I get the error: "Unable to set IP: arithmetic operation resulted in...
  2. M

    Question Get Network SSID name and Default Gateway IP ?

    So, I am creating a simple application in and was wondering on how I would get the code for current connected SSID name and the code for Default Gateway IP. Using Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate. Oh and By the way, I need the output on a TEXT BOX not a Message Box. Milan
  3. S

    How to network the application? (ready for deployment..

    Hi, any help please.. ive got a system ready for deployment.. but got some problem on how to network the system in two or more computers.. I used SQL management studio express as my backend.. And sumone just told me that i just have to build the project then copy the .exe file of my project in...
  4. 1

    Question How do I send a file over the network

    I ahve tried using the code: My.Computer.Network.UploadFile("C:\Users\Phillip\Desktop\test.txt", "", "my username, "mypassword") but it does not work... whats the proper format for entering a location to a computer over the network? Also... whats a way to send a...
  5. T

    Symbolic links (fsutil + + IIS6 + works on network)

    I want to use the function of fsutil, which can create the symbolic link for me. I have try to code in web application to call the cmd and input the command needed for create symbolic link, example fsutil hardlink create c:\foo.txt c:\bar.txt it can be created a symbolic link between...
  6. S

    Question get Hostadress, IP, MAC

    hi everyone, can someone tell me how I can get the Hostname, IP and the MAC of every computer in my network? need it for a LAN-Party.. found Net.Dns.GetHostName() but this is only for my computer..
  7. F

    Question PC1 to PC2 txtbox.text and video triggering...

    Hi, bit of a newb (first post!) Have created a few stand alone projects but nothing major... Using a trial of VB Studio 2010 (.net 4) Could anyone help me with any of these 3?... (they are inter-related) a) I have two networked pc's ("PC1" and "PC2") with a solution on each which has a...
  8. L

    How to Access Sqlserver In Network Computer

    Hi Friends! Am doing a project with database(sql server2005). Its running nicely in stand alone system. but the problem is, if i try to run this application from other computer it raises security exception that sql server does not allow remote conncections. I need to run this application in...
  9. K

    Question Winsock usage

    hi, trying to send multiple data trough winsock but can get it to work i'm making a program for entrance and a central pc who must get al general info from other pc's the pc on the entrance is used to sell tickets , this pc should send the total amount of cash and the total amount of payed...
  10. Shade

    Network gaming?

    I'll try to start easy.. I have 2 pc's in a local network (ip's: and and I want to make them play in a network game, for example, 2 player snake. I would want real time reactions and both players to be able to use the arrowkeys on their own keyboard. Hitting walls or...
  11. P

    How to send files from one computer to another computer?

    Hi I want to send files from a system to another system(specifically a server) using FTP. Can I do this with VB.NET? If yes, please suggest me the best procedure to do it. Actually I need to transfer the mail items from outlook to a remote system(server) which is connected to internet. I have...
  12. T

    Question Use Windows Service to access files over a network

    Greetings everyone, Let me preface this by saying I have read other posts on this board that describe the problem I am having but I am not understanding the solutions, and I need some help. I need to create a Windows Service that involves being able to access and move files saved on the...
  13. rvercesi

    VB 2005 - How to get domain from hostname or IP Address. Not all servers are Windows

    Hi there I work at a company in a department that manages several domains across several networks. We have access to all and I have to create an app that lists all servers in those networks and gathers some basic info on then. I have two problems. 1st I have a list of IPs. I have to...
  14. A

    Convert PDF to Word document formats with Aspose.Recognition

    What’s new in this release? Aspose.Recognition for .NET has come out of Beta and its first commercial release has been announced supporting many new features. You can download Aspose.Recognition to evaluate improved performance of converting PDF files to Word document formats. More about...