.net framework 4.0

  1. RobertAlanGustafsonII

    Question How do I host an arbitrary custom control in a DataGridView cell?

    WHAT I HAVE: Visual Basic 2019, .NET Framwork 4.0+, WinForms MY ISSUE: I've read the help topic "How to: Host Controls in Windows Forms DataGridView Cells", which shows how to host a DateTimePicker control in a cell via having a class that derives from it and implements...
  2. P

    Question How to set borderstyle of a datagridview column at runtime (.Net Framework 4.0)?

    I have a readonly datagridview that is bound to a datasource. It has two columns. Now I want the first column to have no cell borderstyle; and the second one to have 'All' (i.e. all sides of the cell shall have a border) as cell borderstyle. Before binding the datagridview to the datasource...
  3. S

    Use Non-English Language Characters with Aspose.Network

    What is new in this release? This most recent version of Aspose.Network for .NET 5.2.0 includes very import features and bug fixes related to loading and saving messages with non-English language characters like Russian , Japanese and Swedish. The main new & improved features added in this...