.net 3.5

  1. A

    Question App wont run on WinXP

    Hi I coded a pretty basic VB.net app with .NET framework 3.5 in VS 2012 on a Windows 8 Pro 64-bit machine. The app doesn't use any database connectivity or any other prerequsite. I built it for x86 CPU configuration. I don't need to use ClickOnce to deploy since the .exe in the Release folder is...
  2. V

    Do you need professionals?

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  3. karthik82.vk

    Question Need help regarding conversion errir

    Hi, I am facing a conversion error in my code. Regarding the code explanation, i have two text box one with start date and end date. the end date needs to be populated automatically based on the start date value.i have a combo box with three levels namely Low, Medium and High. When I select Low...
  4. S

    Question Looking for Aspxgridview thousand seperator logic in devexpress

    i have one gridview with numeric data i want the data display format changed to for example i have 10000 i want 10 000 similarly 1000000 - 1 000 000
  5. L

    Question how to display child forms using menustip in MDI Parent form....??

    When I click on Borrow Book(s) from Transaction menu it should open frmborrow.vb Also to it should do the same to rest of the menu(s)...... What should i write in the click event for Borrow Books from Menustrip menu
  6. L

    Cannot add new database connection....

    I have created a database in Microsoft SQL SERVER 2005 When I Start with my Microsoft Visual Basics 2008 Where I create a new project using Windows Form and after that Add Data Source -->Database-->New Connection I want to change my data source to Ms SQL SERVER 2005 but it is not showing in...
  7. H

    Question need help in this ( mute picture box problem )

    iam working in media player for my own every thing in code is working but if i pressed on mute picture box to mute sound and re-open another video or music file the sound is playing and the sign in mute picture box is show that iam in mute mode this is the code for mute picture box : please i...
  8. J

    Question how to fill web forms and post through web browser?

    i have a form on one of my pages. How do i post the form after filling the data ? : <form action='http://www.mysite.com/login.bml' method='post' class='lj_login_form pkg'> <input type='hidden' name="lj_form_auth"...
  9. P

    Question WM_PRINT not working correctly

    For one of my programs I need some code that will be able to capture a WebBrowser control on TabPage1 and then put that image into a PictureBox on TabPage2. I've been struggling with finding examples of how to capture hidden windows and what I did find confuses me because I am not very a very...
  10. R

    Toolbox missing ASP.NET controls

    I recently installed Visual Studio 2008 Standard Edition on my Vista. However, for web sites and applications, the ASP.NET controls do not appear in the toolbox. While setting the toolbox to “show all” displays the Standard tab, it’s empty. I can manually type in the tag of an ASP control (e.g...