.net 2.0

  1. E

    app closes automatically

    I am kind of stuck and don know what to do..Actually I have a vb.net desktop application, it's quite a large application , POS actually. It was working fine since last few days, when it started acting up. What happening now is, while running smoothly it just closes automatically, no error...
  2. mykhaylo

    Question Visual Studio 2005/2008 Add-In

    I am writing a plug for Visual Studio 2005/2008. I want gain access the controls in the following picture: How do it ?
  3. E

    TreeNode Value property missing

    It seems that Visual Studio is using a older verion of the System.Windows.Forms DLL. When I instantiate a instance of the TreeNode object it doesn't have the "value" property. Right now my version of Sytem.Windows.Forms is listed as and it's being pulled from the...
  4. H

    Question Cannot debug correctly in VS 2005

    I have a VB.NET application that when I want to debug I cannot do it. Private Sub LoadReasonCodes(ByVal decision As String) Try Dim oDS As New DataSet cmbReasonCode.Items.Clear() cmbReasonCode.Text = "" oDS =...
  5. A

    .NET 2.0 Medium Trust Security Level supported by Aspose.Grid

    What's New? In this major release, Aspose.Grid for .NET supports the following features. - GridWeb is now compiled under both 1.0 and 2.0 frameworks. - Fully supports .NET 2.0 framework. - Supports .NET 2.0 MEDIUM TRUST LEVEL. - Supports .NET 2.0 DataSourceControl Binding. - New Client Api...