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    Question Navigation Menu Question

    I have this database driven menu for a client, I don't remember why I set it up like this, but now they want a change that I can't seem to implement. Here's the code: Sub PopulateMenu() Dim dst As System.Data.DataSet = GetMenuData() For Each masterRow As System.Data.DataRow...
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    Question Problem displaying Use rControls on navigating from Login Form

    I have 2 forms in the application... frmLogin and frmMain. After login succeeds I m instantiating frmMain and calling frmMain.ShowDialog(Me) and hiding frmLogin. If I set frmMain as the startup form and run it directly, Im able to see all the user controls.... However, if i start from...
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    UIControlSuite .NET Release V18 - New WPF Tab control

    BinarySmartNavigator .NET provides a new way to present scrollable content in your WPF .NET applications Berkshire, UK – September 2011 – Today, Binarymission, a leading vendor of user interface components for Microsoft .NET, announced the immediate availability of UIControlSuite .NET V18...
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    Question WPF app questions

    Hello, new member to the forum and I had 2 quick WPF questions. 1) I see how to run an application in kiosk mode if I am using windows, not pages. Is there a way to run a navigation application in kiosk mode? 2) Has anyone used WPF and Microsoft's SteadyState product? Do they mesh well? I am...