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    EZNamespaceExtensions.Net v2013 Released.

    LogicNP Software has released EZNamespaceExtensions.Net 2013 which is a framework for fast, painless and easy development of Windows Explorer namespace extensions in .Net. Namespace extension development is notorious for its difficulty, subtleties and for the sheer amount of work and time that...
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    Question Specifying the name used for the JavaScript class

    I am creating a WebService using the following: <%@ WebService Language="vb" CodeBehind="~/MyWebService.asmx.vb" Class="myprojectname.MyWebService" %> This works fine, except that it names the generated JavaScript class "myprojectname.MyWebService" (which is longer than I would like), but I...
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    Question Bind DataGridView to custom collection of classes that contain complex properties

    Hi, I have a dictionary (created using DictionaryBase) where the values are 'PostItems'. I want to display the 'PostItems' stored in the dictionary to a datagridview. Each 'PostItem' object contains various simple properties (strings, integers and dates), a 'Contact' object and a dictionary...
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    Question Missing namespace

    I'm trying to make an project which generates data and then exports it to an excel spreadsheet complete with a chart representing the data. I have Office 12 (Including Excel 2007) as well as windows SDK. All the tutorials I've seen which explain how to create/modify an excel spreadsheet...
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    Add Windows Explorer integration to document management and similar software with EZN

    Add Windows Explorer and File Open/Save dialog integration to document management or similar software using namespace extensions developed with EZNamespaceExtensions.Net v2009. With EZNamespaceExtensions, a development team can concentrate on writing the functionality of the namespace extension...
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    Question Dynamically added control - cannot cast!

    Hi all, I have a very simple project in VS2005, containing one page (Default.aspx) and one user-control (SingleBox.ascx). I want to dynamically add the uc to the page, then cast it and set its properties. I wrapped both page and uc with the same namespace: Page: Namespace MyNameSpace...
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    EZNamespaceExtensions.Net 2008 released

    Provide Windows Explorer integration to document management or similar software using namespace extensions developed with EZNamespaceExtensions.Net. Document management software, content management software, asset management software, virtual drives, database browsers and front-ends and protocol...