1. M

    Multi-Threaded file copying?

    Hello, Im a noob but am trying to learn. Ive found a way to make VB useful for a task ive been given to copy thousands of files to a slow SAN server daily. Right now i copy one file at a time. it works. painfully slow but it works. What id like to do is come up with some kind of stack where...
  2. rexcarnation

    Question Multi Threading httpwebrequest with Queue

    Hello, I search all day and I cannot find the answer how to multi threading with queue. So like this. I have 100 URL in datagridview on col 1, an then I want to scrape all url on the datagrid by 10 thread, so the process only 1 -10 on the datagridview list. And when one of all process (scrape)...
  3. D

    Question Multi Threading with seperate classes

    Hello, I'm trying to dive into what I consider a deeper end of to see how far I can go with it. I have a project created, ironically called "My First Server". The aim of this is to create a server which can handle multi clients but additionally isn't the commonly shown tutorial setup of...
  4. H

    Quick muliti thread question

    What I have is a web service that can take up to hundreds of hits per second at times on a quad core dedicated server running IIS7. This web service does it's thing and as part of it's process has a cache object with a filesystem dependency. When the cache expires (about 15 seconds on...
  5. D

    Question Multithreading with databases - Best practice?

    I have read many articles on multithreading over the past few days and so far I'm fairly comfortable with how it works. I am now working on my actual application, and have come across a few design issues that I'm hoping somebody has experience with. The basic premise of the application is...
  6. D

    implement multithreading

    Hi, Please help me introduce multithreading into my code so that the UI is more responsive. Here is what i've done: I have a program which searches the entire registry for a keyword and adds the matching keys/values into a listview. The UI becomes non responsive if i attempt to move the form or...
  7. R

    Question MDI Multi "process" Application Like Chrome

    Is it possible to create an MDI application which have each MDI window in a separate processes like Chrome does?
  8. H

    Converting VB6 winsock app to .net

    Hi, I am converting an existing TCP server application that uses the winsock control from VB6 to The application runs as a service and communicates with approximately 500 clients. Each client is connected for long periods and has occasional conversations with the server. I have been...