1. J

    Question Advice please: Multithreaded WMI Query Client Application?

    Hi, I am about to develeop an app that is going to query hundreds or even thousands of clients for some WMI-strings over the WAN. The app will be launched as using Scheduled Task or manually when needed, and will read an text file with hostnames to contact and peform the WMI-querys. The result...
  2. droidman

    need some help multithreading a function

    hi, i need to create multiple threads to improve a function on my program. it is a simple thing really but it's slow and if multithreaded it can improve the speed some thousand times. my program uses a dll to check the MX record of an e-mail from a textbox called emails if the mx record is...
  3. B

    Debugging a multi-threaded vb2005 app

    Hi folks, I have what I believe is a basic question... I am debugging a vb2005 application with 2 threads. When I hit a breakpoint in one of the threads, is the other thread still running, or is it suspended as well? Thanks, Mark
  4. S

    Question What happens to a killed process? Does it exit properly?

    I have a app that is starting up a thread that runs the standard windows defrag utility. It also gives the user the option to cancel the defrag if they want to. Problem is if the thread defrag is running on is canceled is there any data loss or does it just do the last operation and then exit...
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