1. R

    Question Need results from 3 Tables

    I have spent the day on this and still can't get it to give me the results I want. Here is my data: InvLocation (30,000 recs): ID Location InvAvail 9005 22BULK 1 9004 22BULK 1 9004 22BULK 2 9004 22BULK 1 9006 22BULK 1 Items (80,000 recs): ID Sku...
  2. M

    Question Insert into multiple table (1:N relationship)

    Hi. I am trying to build a form in VS Express ( The one table form is not a problem, but when i try to build form with two tables which are in 1:N relationship, I just can't find the solution. For example: Table1: player_id name lastname . . . club_id Table2: player_id club_id...