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    Textbox in Msgbox?

    Hi I want to ask the user for some input at form load and I have been searching for a way to display a textbox in a mesaggebox, I know this is possible in vbscript but is it in VB.Net? I may just create a custom dialog though...
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    Question How to display variable in msg box?

    Hi there, I'm fairly new to VB programming. I am struggling to find out how to use a msg box to display the value of a variable. I've tried a number of permutations, and searched for hours to find a tip. Any suggestions very welcome! My code is currently: Private Sub...
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    Question Visual Basic Datetimepicker issue

    This function is supposed to alert the user if there is an attempt to change the date to another date (other than Today). When the user clicks Yes in the Messagebox another message box pops up to let the user know that date is changed and the new date chosen is displayed on the datetimepicker...