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  1. D

    Question What does no value given for one or more required parameters mean? How to fix?

    Hi all, I'm making a program in which the user can update a table of their choice from a list box. When an item in the listbox is selected, it shows the MS-Access database in the DataGridView. When a user selects a cell in the DataGridView, it will show the ID, the field name and the actual data...
  2. A

    Question How to get application's Connection for general query/DML purpose

    I am developing a Sales application with MS Access Database. I've added Data Source through wizard and created forms with Data Set. It is sometimes required to do some other query/dml inside the form code. Is it possible to use the same Connection as my application is using or I've to open a...
  3. R

    Delete Button Not Working

    hi so i have a basic form connected to a database to connect to a database, now my problem is that when i press delete it deletes from the datagridview but not from the actual database and yes i am checking the database in the debug folder also after I use the delete button when add a new...
  4. S

    Access to webpage

    I have an excel and I am transferring the excel tables to access database.It has lots of calculated fields so i am creating queries in access.i want to know if i connect this database to webpage will the access perform or run those queries on its own behind the scene? As My front end data needs...
  5. J

    Source database not updated using data adapter, data set

    My code appears to be working as expected except for getting the column/field named "Foundstone" to update in the source database. I am trying to figure out what I am doing wrong. I am not seeing any errors or exceptions being thrown. I have used this tutorial as a basis for my learning...
  6. A

    Question how to check whether the record already existed in ms-access database

    when a save button clicked, the username textbox is added to the database otherwise if the username already existed then a message appeared to tell user it is already taken.. any example please..tq
  7. Bangus

    Question search date of birth between two date time picker

    hello there, I'm actually creating an HR System for my thesis. I'm using VS.Net 2003 with MS-Access Database. I have these table as tblemployee, where all the employees profile saved. I'm done with searching by ID #, Last-First-Middle Name, my main problem is that I want to search all employees...
  8. S

    Question Count(*) does not work for null values

    hi, i m trying to run a query on an MSAccess table, but it does not give me any count but only 0. There are 3 null values which i should be getting but it does not give me the result. This query works perfectly in MSSql Server 2008. the query is : SELECT COUNT(*) AS Cntr FROM...
  9. N

    Question Implementing Database access (MS Access) using VB2008 express

    I am new to VB and downloaded the VB 2008 Express recently. Am following the "Beginning VB2005 databases" book to learn as I go along. I have hit a snag where the book example is initializing a new instance of the data access base class as "Using objData as new WDABase", however the VB 2008...
  10. P

    FYI Crystal Reports and MS Access "Logon Failed"

    Err Msg: "Logon failed…" when connecting to Access database in .NET application This is useful when you use the pull method and develop your report against one database (path) and deploy it to a different path (or database name). If you are using the push method (using the SetDataSource...