1. D

    mouse event not fire on shapes

    I'm new in wpf, I need to recreate the behavior of an old winform drawing app. In the winform app I used this event MouseMove MouseClick MouseDown MouseUp Basically there are 2 main behavior: single click managed from MouseClick(that contains drawing logic) and "press and move" managed by...
  2. S

    Question how to detect mouse button state during DragDrop

    I am new to WPF and am having a few problems detecting whether the left or right button is pressed during a DragEnter event. I was expecting a MsgBox to appear but I get nothing. Thanks for any help XAML Code <Grid> <Button x:Name="btn1" Content="Button" HorizontalAlignment="Left"...
  3. updatesvc

    Question Send Mouse Events to form control with Coordinates.

    I am in midst of coding a webbrowser automation tool. I am using the Awesomium Web Control for WinForms in VB.Net. I have the inputs mouse_X and mouse_Y 'relative to the webcontol Left And Top I need help to basically send mouse events to the Webcontrol. I have managed to do this when the...
  4. G

    Question raw mouse data , I am lost...

    I need to get the raw mouse data in order to get a higher resolution input from the mouse. In the normal way you only get as acurate as pixel resolution, but mice are often much more precise. I am programming in visual studio 2010. There seem to be more possibilities (rawinput api...
  5. I

    Tricky question: my and other applications are competing?!

    I have an little application that has a role to zoom currently screen (magnify it). There is also posibillity to zoom more if you scroll wheel. BUT - if currently PowerPoint slideshow is running, it is not possible to zoom - and i realize why - because PowerPoint also uses mouse wheel for going...
  6. I

    Question My application does not detect scrolling mouse

    Hello guys, can anybody help with my problem. I made an application where i used mouse scrool event. On my PC everyting work excellent, but when I try it on different machine scrolling is not detected!? How is that possible?! i am using < 0 and > 0 Please help