mouse move

  1. S

    Click on panel and Move mouse Right, then panel follows X axis only?

    Hello everyone. i am working on a application. i need some help figuring out a problem i have with one of the features: i use Visual Basic express 2010 what the feature should do: i have 1 panel in the form that want the user to be able to move the panel along the location.X by now i have...
  2. B

    Question make it so when shape1 hit's another shape2. shape1 stop's moving

    i am trying to make a game with blocks and i would like to know how to make it so when a shape hit another shape the shape stops. i am using mouse move to move my shapes. thanks Brad
  3. unique.suren

    How to move, zoom in-out a picturebox runtime?

    Hi, How i can move,zoom in-out the picturebox during runtime on a form or groupbox? If anybody can provide me code...i'll be very grateful to him/her... Thanx in advance...