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    Question Access or SQL

    Hi, This is my 1'st thread here and would like to great all. I've been using MS Access since version 2.0 for many applications like accounting and decided to give VB.NET a try for non db solutions with success. Now, I would like to use it for my new db solutions and need to clear a couple of...
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    Question VB to .Net migration

    I am working on a VB to C#.Net migration project. Has anyone used a tool called CSharpener to convert VB.Net code to C#? What is your experience with this tool? How much code does this tool migrate & how much is the rework?
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    Make the VB to .Net Migration

    VISUAL BASIC 6 - .NET CONVERSION We are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, recognized for our expertise in V6 - .NET Migration. We have developed custom conversion tools to make the upgrade quick and cost effecive. Thanks to the successful execution of large Visual Basic to .NET...