1. M

    Question How to Login to multiple sites(POST method and referer)

    hi guys, This is my first post. I've followed this tutorial and i want to modify it a little bit. And the author, i think is very busy. Here is the code he got: Imports System.Net Imports System.Text Imports System.IO Public Class Form1 Dim logincookie As CookieContainer Private...
  2. V

    Question Excel - Copy method of Range class failed

    Part ot my program is to simple copy a range of cells ~21 000 rows from one WB (oSH) and copy it to another WB (oSHOut). I've red a lot of posts,tried a lot of variants, but nothing helps. Strange here is that if I copy less than 8500 rows, the paste to the destination range is OK. But if I...
  3. punto13

    Invoque a Save method from child class

    Hi all, I've been working with a lot of APIs from diferent products. Now that I'm building my own, I have a .... 'arquitecture issue'. What I see in others and try to imitate is: CoreAnimalEngine (a class that manages all. The collections of items and most important, all the activity to...
  4. P

    Resolved Using OnPaint method of an other class

    Hi, i'm a new comer here. First of all i'm not english, so forgive me whether i'll write something wrong.;) (nice smilies!) I'm trying to use the OnPaint method of the class "Form1" from an other class, my purpose is to draw something in form1 like a rectangle or a string. What should i...