1. Movian

    Idea for small app, no idea where to start looking

    Hey, I have a concept for an application that i myself would find useful, I have a fair amount of VB6 experience but an fairly new to .net. The project i have in mind simply allows you to right click a folder (or any assigned key or mouse click combination) to display a new right click...
  2. P

    prefix for menu strips?

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if there was a prefix for menu strips and the sub-menu strips. Thanks
  3. S

    How can i use menu.controller web.sitemap with diffrent image.

    Hi Im playing with and have made a menu, with the menu.controller and the web.sitemap, its work fine but its the same hover image and the same background image im using. I need some pro help now :), i have an image with: 5 Textlink, 5 Hover Textlink, 5 Activ Textlink. Normal i can use...
  4. Grayda

    Tip Menu module

    Good afternoon everyone, While working on my first console app, I had the need to create an interactive menu. There were some solutions about, but most of them required the screen to be cleared with each key press. This wasn't a good solution for me so I came up with my own. You pass it two...
  5. N

    Question Implementing a dynamic submenu on ToolStripMenuItem

    This seems like it should be a common problem, but so far I haven't found a solution. On my Windows Form I have created a menu object and populated it with ToolStripMenuItems. One of these items has a DropDown object attached. The DropDown should appear when the mouse hovers over the parent...
  6. LaBoss

    MenuStrip and ToolStripControlHost control

    Good afternoon, I'm having some trouble with a class that uses the ToolStripControlHost, I have to create a label and a label beside the textbox, this works, the problem now and I can not access the property. .Text of textbox (dim txt). the class to this: Public Class ToolStripTextBoxWithLabel...
  7. K

    Question Toolstrip Textbox labels?

    Is it possible to have a label precede a toolstriptextbox? If
  8. H

    Question VB Melt Down!!!

    My VB just stuffed up, and my menu strips lost all the menus on them... how can i get this back without going back to past versions, and copying everything back in?:mad: