1. B

    Thread creation error: Invalid access to memory location.

    Hey there, Recently I was developing an app to run other exe from other program's vicinity say 'abcd.exe'. I mean the exe which I will load in my app will run from memory but will be visible as abcd.exe, like injecting... I searched on net and I found something called RunPE, I loaded the code...
  2. G

    Question Memory Leak, what could be the cause?

    Hi all, I have a bit of an issue with one of my Applications, it seems to crash after a certain periode of time and I can't really find out why, so I made a Logfile entry with Memory information every minute to see where the increase is. Cannot really provide with any code since it is very...
  3. Jauch

    Question Arrays, Memory and the GC

    I have a system that must do massive array operations. Often I have many arrays with 1 to 2 million elements at same time. Usually I create the arrays inside a procedure, so, I expect when the array variable goes out of scope, the array becomes available to the GC. But in the near future, I'll...
  4. P

    Application Memory Use

    I am trying to ensure that the footprint of my application is as small as it can possibly be. Is there a way to assess my application to see if there is more efficiency that can be built in? I have noticed that my app memory use seems to flucturate a lot. Sometimes at start up it can be as...
  5. B

    Out of Memory in String variable

    I'm looping through an xml node list and concatenating a string variable with the following: for x=0 to nl.count-1 temp$=temp$ & nl(x).attributes("text1").value Next x I then use the temp$ variable to fill a rich text box: rtf.text=temp$ I know this isn't a smart way to do things, and an...
  6. Robert_Zenz

    ByVal and ByRef and the Garbage Collection (strange behavior)

    Hello. Since my Project has reached some size I've started using the Garbage Collection and trying to find best ways to keep the useage of memory and cpu small. However, I was trying out how ByVal and ByRef are behaving with the garbage collection and found some pretty strange behavior (code...