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    Question membership and assigning users to role (multilevel)

    Dear friends, I have been using visual studio 2010 and my language is vb (windows application) , I want to create membership system to define roles and assign users to them , can anyone help me how to handle it ? as far as I know from web based applications, we can use session to manage...
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    Question Creating a wishlist for use with ASP.NET Membership

    I am working on a web application that uses ASP.NET Membership. My SQL Server Database therefore includes (along with all the others created when setting up ASP.NET Membership) a table named aspnet_Users which has the fields ApplicationId, UserId, UserName, LoweredUserName, MobileAlias...
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    Question Removing/Deleting the Forms Authentication Cookie

    I have a Web Application that uses ASP.NET Membership. When the user logs out, I want the Forms Authentication cookie to be removed from the browser. This is basically automatic when the user did not select the Remember Me checkbox (because a session cookie is created in that case), but if they...
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    Question Configuring and Saving Profiles in a Web Application

    I am working on adding the ASP.NET Profile feature to my Web Application, and am having trouble getting it to communicate with the database. I have the Membership feature configured and working, and I ran the tool on the database to do the necessary configuration for Profiles as well. I have a...