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    Question how do i disable mdi menu item when a form loads and enable it when it closes

    how do i disable the menu items on mdi parent form when i open a child form and enable them when i close the form. i am trying to enable only one form from opening at a time. i have used .showdialog on some forms and its working perfectly, but on this one i have a button that opens another form...
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    Question Functions work only if form is run directly (non-MDI)

    Hi all, I have this weird issue: I developed an application with a sequence like this: login form -> mainform (=mdi parent) --> some functionform (mdi-child)--> report form The reportform contains a reportviewer and will display different dataset queries depending on the state of some radio...
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    Sharing Structures of Arrays in multiple MDIchilds

    Hi All, Thanks in advance for any help given. I have created an MDIparent form and a MDIchild. There is a button on the parent which makes multiple 'clones' of the child form, each time its clicked. I also want (maybe with a module) a set of variables, and array of a structure but these are...
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    Question MDI child forms open behind parent controls

    vb2008 Dell Precision T3400 NTFS Child form Topmost=true Parent form topmost=false Standing on left foot with new moon over right shoulder (This is symbolic in nature, only...) When I mash the button to launch a child form, the form opens behind the controls upon the parent form. Why is this...
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    Question buttons in MDI _ISSUE_

    VB.Net I have a button inside my MDI Form. when that button is clicked form2 will be load in mdi form, the problem is this, (see image below) Uploaded with Button1 should be at the back of form2. How to do this? Please help... Thanks! Public Class Form1 Private Sub...
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    Question add button in code?

    I'm working on a project that will create new windows components. (If this is possible). I have made a button that creates new forms when clicked in the MDI container. Now I'm just wondering if someone can figure out a code to make it so when I click a button it creates a new button on the...
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    Question MDI Multi "process" Application Like Chrome

    Is it possible to create an MDI application which have each MDI window in a separate processes like Chrome does?
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    MDI Example?

    Hi all, I am just doing some research on a VB.NET / WinForm project and just wondering whether someone can point me to the right place for some examples on MDI forms? I have not previously done much with MDI Forms but the application I am developing is an inventory system and I think it...
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    MDI Child Problems

    I have a MDI based application with two problems. First: when i close the MDI child i want to ask if the user would like to save the data in the child and give them the regular choice yes,no,cancel however when i try to use the Formclosing event it never fires, it does fire for the mdi parent...