1. donking13

    sending mail using visual studio 2008

    worked for me once, i copied the work from this youtube video YouTube - Visual basic 2008/2010 Tutorial - Email Sender using Smtp but unfortunately for some reason it stopped working. i was able to send message once using my mailing app that i made and received it on my gmail account. whats...
  2. P

    Question Problem : i receive .dat files in an e-mail with embedded images. How come ?

    Hi, this is my first time here so i hope i can find some help ^^ My problem is that i'm working on a project and i have to send embedded images in an email. Here is an example of my code : Dim FicImage As New LinkedResource(chemin) Dim cle As String = Key.Substring(4, Key.Length() - 4)...
  3. M

    MSMapi deployment problem

    I added the Microsoft MAPI Messages and Session com controls to a application so I can open an outlook message and include an attachment without actually sending, which is working fine on my development machine but fails when using on the target machine after installing MSI with the...