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    loop from A to D

    I have a code that loop from A to D and displays the result in a text box as the loop continues. Dim test(0 To 3) As String test(0) = "A" test(1) = "B" test(2) = "C" test(3) = "D" For i As Int32 = 0 To test.Length - 1 TextBox4.Text = test(i)...
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    Simplifying Loops

    I would like to simplify a do loop.
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    game programming _ enemy copters

    Hey, guys I am creating a game in VB.NET as well for my sixthform course and i ve just started adding helicopters to the top of form. i have added one enemy copter which is working very well, but when i have no idea how to add 1. more enemy copters, make them move in the same direction, and...