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    Question Getting data from access database

    i'm coding dictionary program dealing with idoms and sentences as example if i wrote on english textbox: it suppose to get this row from arabic column in database: and applied in arabic textbox like this: as the first line is arabic translation and the second phrase means: (another...
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    loop from A to D

    I have a code that loop from A to D and displays the result in a text box as the loop continues. Dim test(0 To 3) As String test(0) = "A" test(1) = "B" test(2) = "C" test(3) = "D" For i As Int32 = 0 To test.Length - 1 TextBox4.Text = test(i)...
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    search button problem

    Hello to all i have created a practice program and i cant seem to get it to work correctly. i have created 4 buttons: Button 1. Entry data - creates a text file and stores any words you want onto the text file. Button 2.Search data - asks you to search for any random word (you have to type it...
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    Question Make a button which will create a row of text boxes

    I tried the code pasted below but it does not seem to work in vb.net. However, this creates only one text box and not where I exactly want it to be. My objective here is to create 5 text boxes under the respective labels. There will then be a button which will take in all the text inputs...
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    How to loop a timer

    i have a progressbar and i want my timer to do this continuosly until application is closed. ProgressBar1.Increment(+15) ProgressBar1.Increment(-10)
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    Question rename files?

    Hi Guys, How's your day? I would like to ask, since I'm a beginner in vb .net, I can't figure this out. Here's the scenario: I have a folder with lots of folders inside and inside those folders are .tif files. I want to create a program that will rename those images based from the list from...
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    Question Marketing Emial System

    Hello All I built as email marketing system a while ago and I have been asked to add a feature that should have been there from the start really. OK i have a structure that holds a list of IDs, Email address and Departments when the end user goes and presses the email button the for each...
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    How to loop through nest controls in ListBoxItem to find a TextBox?

    Hi everyone, Firstly, thank you for taking the time out to read this post. I'm having trouble trying to loop through a WPF ListBox control to find a nested TextBox in VB.net 3.5. Here is my UI structure: TabControl > TabItem > UserControl > Grid > ListBox > ListBoxItem > Grid > TextBox...
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    Question For Loop to search and determain how many their are.

    Hello, I've just started getting into programming and I'm following a few tasks that have been set to learn and understand VB.NET. What i'm working on is a lottery program i've done all the number generation with an array. Now i'm trying to find out how to search that array for lets say less...
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    Resolved Exporting from Access to Text File

    Hi, this is my problem: i've some data in an access database, i collect this data from the table and when i try to record the data in the text file, with the fields separated with a "!", the registration fails, better, doesn't register all the datas that are in the table. This is the code...
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    Answered looping a collection into multiple new filenames, how to speed up?

    EDIT: the final solution has been reached and the time required to split files has been reduced by at least a factor of 10 by using a dictionary rather than direct IO. see later posts for the solution code. greetings, i have the following snippet of code: For Each tempstring In...
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    Question Datagridview, Duplicate Cell Values [non-unique to unique by appending]

    Hiya, I'm using the datagridview. This is the sample data: +---------+------------+ | f_name | l_name | +---------+------------+ | John | Hagan | | Peter | Hagan | | Peter | Champion | | Paul | Simon | | Arthur | Hoopla | | Carl | Hagan | | Kim...
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    Question Loop set text to textboxes

    Is it a way to set the text in a textbox from a loop? Bad Explained, heres an example Dim id(10) as string For h As Integer = 0 To 10 id(h) = "hello" & h Next there will all 11 variables change, but I have a program that creates textboxes with the same name except...