1. R

    Question create a Website Login Form in GeckoFox?

    I Have Created This Code : mBrowser.Document.GetElementById("login1$textfield").SetAttribute("value", txtUseID.Text) mBrowser.Document.GetElementById("login1$textpass").SetAttribute("value", txtPassword.Text) mBrowser.Document.GetElementById("login1$btnSubmit").InvokeMember("click") But Here...
  2. JuggaloBrotha

    VS2005/2008 Login Form

    I've made a basic loginform in VS 2005 for anyone to use (Continued from the VS 2003 version), here's the zip file containing the form, feel free to use & modify it freely ... you dont even need to tell me about it How it works: Make an instance of it then you can set the properties UserId...