1. bluezap

    Match desktop file name to name on listview

    Hi, I'm writing a basic uninstaller in vb.net I got everything down but I need help with one small aspect. When the user drags and drops a software on the uninstaller I need it to automatically match the listed software on the uninstaller and start the uninstallation dialog immedietely. The way...
  2. U

    Open form on second monitor

    I have this application (build with vb 2010, .net 4.0) and when I click on the show second screen button, it should open a second form on the second monitor (beamer, or whatever) and when no second monitor available message displayed. But at this moment the second form opens still on the 1...
  3. Jamie2993

    Resolved Screenshot location?

    Hi All, Im trying to make my little project take a screenshot(which ive done). But i cant seem to get a location set, my code: Dim ScreenSize As Size = New Size(Form1.WebBrowser1.Width, Form1.WebBrowser1.Height) Dim screenGrab As New Bitmap(Form1.WebBrowser1.Width...
  4. K

    DataGridView Cell location problem

    I'm using the DataGridView control to display a table of textboxes and comboboxes. In one of the combobox columns, I need to popup a form when that cell is (left) clicked. I have that portion working. The part that I have issue with is locating the popup form properly. In the _CellClick...
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