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  1. D

    Question Obtain listbox items from another form.

    Hi, I apologize if I don't get enough supporting data or if this has been resolved already. However, I am using Visual Basic 2010 Express. I have 2 forms. A main form which does all the grunt work and then a small supporting form to get some additional user inputs. Some program background...I...
  2. HichamDotNet

    Question Drag multiple items from one listbox to another

    Hi, I've looked everywhere on the internet for multiple items drag&drop between listboxes and found only examples showing single item drag. I know how to make a single item dragdrop operation between two listboxes using MouseDown, DoDragDrop, DragEnter, DragDrop Now what I'm looking forward to...
  3. M

    Copy listbox items to clipboard

    Im trying to copy items from listbox into my clipboard. The first word always works, but the rest just left blank. I am using this code Dim ordning As Integer = 0 Dim clip As String = "" If ordning < allanamn.Items.Count Then clip =...