1. G

    Help with drawing a simple street for a car game

    Hi, I'm doing an app like a car game. I need to paint over a vector of points connected forming a line. The paint is like a street. Here is an example: I have a red trace that is the sight for drawing a street on it. The origin of this red line is from GPS coordenates. Here is a picture of...
  2. S

    Question Draw on a control on form load

    Dear all, I'm new in the forum. I have a simple but annoying problem: in a ordinary form I added a label (Label1) and a button (Button1) with the followiing handler. Well if I press Button1 my dot dashed line is correctly drawn over Label1, but what I need is that program automatically does it...
  3. Y

    Resolved Readline error?

    First off, apologies if this is located in the wrong forum! I'm new to the community, and haven't quite familiarized myself with everything yet. Anywhoo, I'm working on a small, simple program to take orders based on menu items and calculate the price. The menu is stored in a text file. When...
  4. C

    Question undo in graphics

    hi please help me my project is in i am having a picture box in which i have displayed an image and apllying points and curves on it. now i want to undo that. please reply. thank you.:)
  5. Dreadfrost

    Saving line coordinates HELP

    Ok self taught programmer here so any suggestions are helpful. First off im making a vector drawing software and im trying to save all the points so i can have the lines snap-to another line point. I'm getting a NullReferenceException was unhandled error when SavedPoints.Add line is executed...
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