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    Question connecting problem with ldap to active directory

    I am upgrading our servers and .net application from windows 2000 to the newly-purchased windows 2012R2 servers. There is one function which works in windows 2000 but doesn?t work in windows 2012R2. I am running an .net 2.0 internal application in windows 2000 and IIS 5.0 using Visual Studio...
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    Question Adding OU hierarchy in AD

    I am trying to add OUs under OUs using vb.net but I keep on failing to do so Here is what I am looking to achieve: I have OU - test and I would like to add another OU - Students in it: I got this part working as shown below. Dim objDomain As DirectoryEntry = New...
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    Question Change LDAP Password

    I am creating a windows form app that will allow our IT admins to reset passwords on an old domain we only use sparingly. Throughout my searches I have come across multiple methods of scripting this, but each comes back with some type of error. My current code looks like: Private Sub...