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    Question Sending a KeyEvent to text box through CODE does not put character in Text Box...

    Seems like this should be doable, but I'm having no luck - I have an Array of buttons with Japanese kana characters to act as a user input. Pressing a button (using a mouse) raises an event with the character as the data. My thought was just to use the same handler as the textbox key events...
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    Question Is it possible to test whether the key pressed can generate a character?

    I'm trying to make a class that produces a facsimile of the textbox from Winforms in Console. I have a loop within this class that is reading keypresses as ConsoleKeyInfo. What I want to do is to take a keypress and test whether it corresponds to an actual character. For example, the A key...
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    Question Windows Beeps when Key Combination entered

    Hello, I am working on a program in which I allow the user to quickly add strings to a textbox by pressing a key combination, such as ALT+S. Inserting the strings and setting the cursor to the right position works fine. Its just that windows makes an annoying beep as if an error was encountered...
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    How to prevent a keypress in another application?

    Before I clarify my question, I'll say what I'm doing. We have 2 apps that we display at once for data entry. 1 taking up the left side of the screen, and 1 taking up the right side. 1 of those apps is the data entry application. The other app is for viewing scanned info. But they can't talk...
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    Question Need help to validate Currency and Numeric using KeyPress

    this is my code in VB.NET 2008 and it works :D as the result, i can input starts from 1.00 until 99.99 :o but i need more than this ;);) i want the textbox automatic validate the input as i typed in the textbox :confused::confused: example: i typed "1000" then the textbox will write "1,000"...
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    Question detect F2 keypress on any control

    Hi, I want to detect F2 keypress as a shortcut to show something.. this is like F1 to show help in thanks..
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    Disable Enter as button click

    Is there a way to prevent the Enter key from being interpreted as a button click. I am trapping key strokes at the form level but if a button has the focus and the ENTER key is pressed I cannot trap the enter because the button consumes it as a button click event. I am also unable to trap the...
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    Keypress capture when multicell selected within DataGridView

    I'm sure this is simple, but I can't seem to find a reference for this specific situation. I'm using a datagridview that I'd like to have the user be able to select multiple cells within a row and then allow them to press <Delete> to delete the values within the cells. I can't seem to capture...
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    Question DataGridView Focus

    Hi All, i am using DataGridView for Data binding. it works fine. i wrote a coding retrieve current row's DATA when press enter key in DataGridView it works fine,but when i pressed enter key datagridview focus is move to next row, so that it will retrieve the latest focus data, but i want data...