1. B

    Question Sending a KeyEvent to text box through CODE does not put character in Text Box...

    Seems like this should be doable, but I'm having no luck - I have an Array of buttons with Japanese kana characters to act as a user input. Pressing a button (using a mouse) raises an event with the character as the data. My thought was just to use the same handler as the textbox key events...
  2. A

    Controling a group of Buttons using Arrow Keys

    Hi, I'm new to programming. I designed a simple form in which I put a group of buttons in a Panel. The panel is initially not Enabled. I added a Start button which Enabled the Panel. Next, I want to use the Arrow Keys to navigate between the buttons in the Panel. I have tried searching...
  3. PRo-Beaniie

    Question Key Down

    Hey guys, im looking for some code that can enable a e.keyvalue event when a player hits an object on form but i also want the form to load with the e.keyvalue event disabled any one know how to do this ?