1. D

    Question Write webrequest async way

    Hi, I found this function to create a request POST that visualize json data in an ASP:NET project, I would like to find a way to make async, but i don't know how to do. Private Function SendRequestPOST(uri As Uri, jsonDataBytes As Byte(), contentType As String, method As String, token As...
  2. R

    Insert Value in a textbox using Json

    Hi Experts, How can i populate/Insert a value on my textbox. My scenario is when i select a value on my dropdownlist, pass this value on my json parameter and call the data from server side. after successfully calling the query get the desired zipcode and pass it on my textbox. Iam at lost on...
  3. R

    Json Inquiry

    Hi Experts, I have this script to pass a parameters to from my code behind to json and it seems it is not working. Please see my code in my script <script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready(function () { //var DatafieldText ="Code" //var...
  4. bluezap

    Reading Json data

    I want to respond to this Json data in vb.net { "success": true, "uses": 3, "purchase": { "id": "OmyG5dPleDsByKGHsneuDQ==", "product_name": "licenses demo product", "created_at": "2014-04-05T00:21:56Z", "full_name": "Maxwell Elliott", "variants": "", "refunded"...