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    Child list for field .. .cannot be created in joined tables

    My original query for data from the database was: Dim SQL_RecentWorkOrders As String = "Select * from workorder WHERE date>#" + dtToday.AddYears(-YearsToGoBack).ToString + "# ORDER BY worknum DESC" The updated query is as follows: Dim SQL_RecentWorkOrders As...
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    Question Need results from 3 Tables

    I have spent the day on this and still can't get it to give me the results I want. Here is my data: InvLocation (30,000 recs): ID Location InvAvail 9005 22BULK 1 9004 22BULK 1 9004 22BULK 2 9004 22BULK 1 9006 22BULK 1 Items (80,000 recs): ID Sku...