1. iweir

    Question error shown in code,

    hi there, i am new to coding, and have came across an error with a line of my code, i have narrowed it down to this: If TxtAnswer.Text = Answer Then Point = Point + 1 MessageBox.Show("Correct") Answer = Num1 + Num2 End If it is...
  2. W

    Question Tyring to get lastLogonTimeStamp value from AD objects

    I am trying to get some information from Active Directory so I can export the information into some reports. I can use DSQUERY or ADFIND to get this information but I don't want my application to be dependent on those utilities being installed on the machine so I would like to get at the...
  3. C

    Question List to IList Polymorphism Attempt results in InvalidCastException?

    In a program I am writing (in VB.NET, 2008), I have 2 classes, "Receipt" and "Group", each with similar properties, both implementing a custom interface entitled "IIDUser". In my program, I have a number of lists of "Receipt" and "Group", declared like: Friend receipts as List(Of Receipt) I...