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    Problem with Class Interop and Interface

    Hi everyone, I am just a newbie in this forum. Before I am 100% of VBA programer. Now I step futher by using VB. NET to build ExcelAddin. I managed to build a "library" base on VBA Code with multi level of class function. However, when I move to VB. NET, I face a problem that I cannot...
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    Question Microsoft Word Event Handling - DocumentBeforeClose

    Hi I have an app, that generates a word 2007document via the PIA's and then displays the document (in Word) to the user, so they can edit it. I capture the Word_DocumentBeforeClose event, as I am implementing my own save functionality where the documents gets converted to a PDF and stored in...
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    Question Interop MailMerge with Word 2010 on Avery labels

    Hi I had written an in that took addresses from a database put them into a csv file then took the csv file data and performed a mail merge in Word to allow the user to print them out on to an Avery L7163 label sheet. The app was working fine until our company upgraded from Windows XP...