1. C

    Show users ip on textbox1

    Hey im wondering if there is any way to display a users ip in textbox1 when form loads. Thanks :) Im using 2012 which is similar to 2008 and 2010
  2. T

    My visual basic programmed browser.

    I have recently made my own internet browser in visual basic that I have named the winterweb (Not becuase its winterbased but becuase my first name starts with W). Its in very early development and I am making on my own (though I would not mind help) and is very basic right now. I decided to...
  3. Static ABC

    Question Close Internet Explorer Download Dialog

    Hey, I have created a program that has a flash movie in it that loads on a Shockwave Flash Object. When this loads because of some of the coding in it, it wants to download something. The download always fails and it happens about 3 times and somtimes once in a while randomly. What I have...
  4. D

    Access Websites and manipulate data

    Basically i want to know how to access a particular website from my application. I have used System.Net Namespace to request HTML from a website, It returns a complete HTML code which is used by Browsers to render the content on the screen but what i want is to interact with the website only...