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  1. Marie-Andree

    Question How to load a xml file in Internet Explorer

    Hello, My name is Marie and I am new at Visual Basic. I am trying to parse a xml document in Internet Explorer. I have been trying, but it seems that the html created is not displaying any information from the xml. Would someone would kindly have a look to my code by any chance? Here is what I...
  2. M

    Message from webpage automation. Sendkey = NO! API?

    Hey guys. I'm new to this forum. I'm desperate. I am a beginner with programming so please bear with me. I do have basic knowledge... I think! Lol. I am writing a program to make my job easier. Basically, every morning I have to delete 14,000 - 15,000 records from an internal website that we...
  3. N

    Question post to a web form in Internet explorer

    I am trying to programmatically post to a textbox on a web form in IE - I have tried sendkeys - but I dont find them reliable or consistent - The code below is perfect - but only seems to work in a webbrowser control. How do I (click a button/select a radiobutton) send 'hello world' to a...