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    Error in my application DomainUpDown and Integer

    unhandled exception has ocurred... cannot convert start value type "integer" limit value of type domainupdown and step value of type integer to a common numeric, how do i fix this help is apreciated thanks. my program helps the user create passwords here is the code which isnt wokring: Public...
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    Question Intellisense entering type rather than value

    I have a class that has a property declared as follows: Public Property Position As Byte() Very simple property, nothing complicated. However, in Visual Studio 2010 when accessing this property, I type the following (temp is just the name of a variable): temp.Position(1) but Visual Studio...
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    Question Get user input into array

    In my program, I need to have the user input a list of numbers separated by commas. How would I go about storing those numbers? Would I put them into an array? If so, how? I'm REALLY new at this and I have been all over Google but I can't seem to get it. Please Help!
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    Resolved integer double string?

    Hey i've got another problem with my coding in this sub... Private Sub buyLemon_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles buyLemon.Click lemonL.Text += 1 End Sub 'BuyLemons can someone please tell me why its coming up with this error its...
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    Question I need help Validating my textboxes

    Hi, i'm a beginner programmer and I have designed a form with textboxes for numerical entry. I need to validate each textbox so the number entered is an integer, and is between 0-1000. I am struggling to find how to validate the data entry. Thanks :)