1. T

    Question Unresolved problem in creating instance of a HtmlElement object?

    I have created a HtmlElementCollection and am using a FOR statement in order to filter the HtmlElements until one is found thats OuterText property contains "Article". Private Sub ScrollToElement() If (chooseBrowser.Document IsNot Nothing) Then Dim elements As HtmlElementCollection =...
  2. VBobCat

    Question How to identify one given instance from a class when debugging?

    Hello people, I wrote a class that helps me to validate entries on textboxes and comboboxes. The constructor takes the control to be validated as parameter, so the class can handle some of its events. Then, each Form declares so many instances of it as the number of controls that require...
  3. S

    Sharing Structures of Arrays in multiple MDIchilds

    Hi All, Thanks in advance for any help given. I have created an MDIparent form and a MDIchild. There is a button on the parent which makes multiple 'clones' of the child form, each time its clicked. I also want (maybe with a module) a set of variables, and array of a structure but these are...
  4. B

    Single event handler for multiple instances of one object

    Hello, is there a way to create a single event handler for multiple instances of one object? For example, I have a custom class "myObject" that contains one event that is fired through some user input. Then I create an array of objects: class myObject public event someEvent end class...