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    Question Validating data before executing multi looped query?

    I wrote a VB.NET 2010 application that writes to a MS Access DB via an ODBC connection. This application is intended to take the place of the paper based Non Product PO system. The functionality in question works as follows: A user opens the program to a blank PO form. They can search for an...
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    Question How to insert customer details into Orders table

    Hey there. I've got 3 hours left to finish a uni project. It's a basic Access database driven e-commerce site. I have a home page, a products page, an orders page, an order confirm page, a shopping cart page and a view current orders page. The site uses an Access database with three tables. A...
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    Question syntax ERROR in the INSERT INTO instruction

    Hello, I am using VB.NET 2008 and I can't create a button. I recieve the message shown in the title ! Here is my code : dtr = dts.Tables("28071").NewRow 'dtr("datee") = TextBox1.Text 'dtr("index") = TextBox2.Text 'dtr("hmj") = TextBox3.Text 'dtr("hmc") = TextBox4.Text 'dtr("CumulJours") =...
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    SQL command or Manual Query Qustions?

    Hi guys, After getting dataset's datatable by using wizard ,we can update those tables rows or table by calling that table's adapter. Like blow: Me.Validate() Me.DepartmentBindingSource.EndEdit() Me.DesignationBindingSource.EndEdit()...
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    Update Sql Query ?

    Hi guys , I want to create manual update , delete and insert command... I am curious why ms create those line of commands: UPDATE Department SET ID = ?, Department = ? WHERE (ID = ?) AND (? = 1) AND (Department IS NULL) OR (ID = ?) AND...
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    Converting packed data and inserting to SQL Server

    I am transferring files from an IBM system 36 to a text file on my PC. Then my VB program reads the text file and inserts records into a SQL database. Everything is going well but unfortunately some of the fields are PACKED data. I am using an Nlynx twinax adapter card. It does not appear that...
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    Question INSERT INTO exception

    Hi, everybody, i've dev a program that access to an mdb database and insert a new record with the command INSERT INTO but when i execute the db command with ExecuteNonQuery the program catch an exception that i did not understand. I post the oledbcommand line and the fields of the access mdb...
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    Question Insert data function not working

    Sorry guys dont knwo the code tags for the forum below is the function i am using to insert data in the dataBase where query is passed as the argument getDBConnection is a function that returns the sqlConnection object After inserting msgbox displays ra as "1" Public Function...
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    Inserting Into Access Table - Parameter has no default value

    I am trying to do an insert into a table called Policy. I keep getting an error that says parameter @Split has no default value. To try and resolve the problem, I set the default value of the split field (of type text) in the Policy table to "0" in Access 2007. I am passing in the value of a...
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    Question How do i add a space between every character in a string?

    How do I add a space between every character in a string of text? For example: Change "abcdefg" To "a b c d e f g" I have two text boxes on my form, one for input, the other for output of the re-formatted string. Some code would be really helpful! Thanks in advance. :D
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    Question Is this possible with DataGridView?

    Hi If i have a DataGridView is it possible to insert the details of a selected row into another form to update? If so...... How can i do this? I have 2 forms frmMain (where the datagrid is placed) and frmCustomer (this is where i want the selected Row details to be inserted, so i can update...
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