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    Question Read and write in INI file

    Hi all, i am using VB2008 to develop a Settings program for my game Lined World, creating with Game Maker. I've created a settings.ini: [screen] fullscreen=(off or on) resolution=(800x600 or 1024x768) [game] controlset=(1 or 2) music=(on or off) answers are depending on settings now, i wanna...
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    Question Remembering Settings?

    How can i get my program to remember settings? (Not sure if this is the correct forum) But, I have made it so that they click on a register button, if they enter the correct registration code, it will unlock these features. How can i make it so it remembers that the key has been inserted, so...
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    Fast Ini Parser?

    I am trying to find a fast .ini parser, I don't want to use the Win API functions because they are far to slow, adding up to about a minute of loading time. (I would prefer to use a different file format, but for it to be compatible I need to use .ini's :( ) Thanks in advanced.