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    Using form inheritance for database connection.

    Hello everyone. I am fairly new to VB.NET. I am building a simple mobile application (WM 6.0) in which I have a login form (where the user inputs his username and password) and subsequent forms that capture certain fields that are to be inserted into the same database that contains the username...
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    Multiple levels of inheritance with UserControl

    I want to create a control from UserControl, and then have another class or control inherit that. Basically, I want the following: Public Class MyBaseClass : Inherits UserControl Public Class MyControl : Inherits MyBaseClass I am having trouble doing this, but I am not sure what I am missing...
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    Question ASP..NEt Custom Masterpage & Inheritance

    Hi All Here is the situation..... I am working on multiple projects and want to create a shared master page. I wanted to do this by creating a class in a base assembly that all projects would reference and therefore this masterpage would exist. The reason for this is that I would like a...
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    Question Listbox, Objects, Inheritance and Polymorphism

    I wasn't quite sure how to label this but that should cover it all. I am using Linq to Sql classes to query a SQL Server table. That part is working fine. I'd like to add the records to a listbox and not just text. I can do this and it works. To get it to display something meaningful in the...
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    Question Inheritance in Classes and Extending Subs

    Hi, I've been wondering if there is anyway to extend a sub of a base class in a derived class or subclass. To date, the only thing I've been able to find is overrides and overloads functions, but to my understanding these functions just ignore your base class's sub and just allows you to run the...
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    Question Class Inheritance

    Hi i have problems coding for base class employee and its derived classes ss,os and cs. And salaries are calculated different for each category. For ss a basic pay and commission, os paid fixed monthly ans cs paid hourly. In a windows application...any help is very much appreciated