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    Question Naming Text box using index

    Hi, I am trying to use index to assign 10, 30, 50, 70, and 90 to some list boxes names "listbox1", "listbox2", "listbox3", "listbox4", "listbox5". Please look at this simple code: ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' Public Class Form1...
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    Question Index Out Of Range Exception was unhandeld

    I get this error: What is wrong with my code?
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    Passing the current index to an IValueConverter as a ConverterParameter

    I have an IValueConverter in which I need the index of the current DataTemplate. I am using an ItemsControl, and the ItemsSource is a List(Of Single). How can I access the current index from inside the IValueConverter or pass it as a ConverterParameter? Thanks.
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    Question Intellisense entering type rather than value

    I have a class that has a property declared as follows: Public Property Position As Byte() Very simple property, nothing complicated. However, in Visual Studio 2010 when accessing this property, I type the following (temp is just the name of a variable): temp.Position(1) but Visual Studio...
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    Question LINQ on array of objects

    Let´s say I have an array (I named it "Points") of objects. Each object has a custom property called for example "Selected". The property type is Boolean. Can I use LINQ to determine the INDEX of the element in the "Points" array where "Selected=True"? (I´ve ensured that only one element can...
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    Gathering data from multible tab indexes

    I've been ripping my hair out for 2 days now and I finally gave in and admitted defeat. I have 3 forms for a GPA calculator i'm designing. Mainform (has a tab control holding two CourseControllers) CoursePanel (the core object to be used) CourseController (has multiple CoursePanels and radio...