1. Y

    Question How to import excel xlsx file to sql with changing header location and name

    How to import data from excel xlsx files to sql database if in some files the row and content of the headers are changing (even if they change they point the same data, see example)? I work in Visual basic environment with VS 2012 Here is the example: The problem is number of headers are...
  2. PMac

    Question Adding multiple text files to project

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum, but I've been using it for quite some time for help with the project I'm working on. I'm quite new to VB.NET as well, so pardon me if some of my questions seem a little basic.. In the project I'm currently working on, there is a part where the user makes...
  3. A

    How can I speed up importing CSV files to Datagrid and creating new data

    Hi everyone, I am a noobie and learning as I go. I have been working on a Windows form in (VB studio 2010 using which will load a CSV file into a Datagrid control and then create new data in the data grid based of the imported data. I have tinkered around and come up with the...
  4. bakesomecakes

    Question Problem Importing data Excel (6.05708e+008)

    I am trying to import some data from excel. i am using visual studio 2008 .net 3.5, on win xp sp3 the data that is being imported form excel is being edited somewhere in the import. i am sure it is somthing todo with the olddb connection. the data is coming out like this 6.05708e+008 the...
  5. T

    Question How do I use the database?

    Imports Microsoft.SqlServer Public Class Form1 'How do I use the SQL database? End Class I'm wondering what the class name in the SQL database DLL is. Can anyone help me? :(
  6. rvercesi

    Question Loading DataGridView in Thread (several issues)

    Hi guys Still around importing Excel Files to DataGridView. Since my main problem was to keep color formating, I got to use the following function: Private Sub LoadXLSFile() Dim xlApp As New Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.Application...
  7. rvercesi

    Question How to import Excel worksheet to DataGridView keeping cell colors

    Hi there I am developing a small app to help manage huge Excel worksheets. These worksheets have multiple cells colored within. I am loading the worksheets to a DataGridView as show below but I want to keep the cell colors. Any ideias on how to achieve this? Would help if I didn't have to cycle...
  8. cyclotis04

    Answered Imports System.Drawing

    I'm creating a component that manipulates bitmaps, but I can't seem to import the System.Drawing namespace. I have a single solution with a Windows Form Application and a Class Library. The component I'm trying to create is in the Class Library, and the Form is for testing it. I can import...
  9. A

    Aspose PDF newsletters

    What’s new in this release? In this new release – Aspose.Pdf.Kit for .NET v.3.1, you can import comments or annotations from PDF files or XML. Another feature for crating PDF stamp with user defined appearance is also supported. More about Aspose.Pdf.Kit for .NET Aspose.Pdf.Kit is a .NET...
  10. C

    Question How do import .NET libraries at runtime?

    Hi there, I am developing a plugin for an application which means I have to import a library into my library at runtime. The library is a .NET dynamic link library and I need to be able to use the structures/methods it houses within my application (plugin library). How would I go about doing...